about (eng)

Aphranova is a female fronted band that combines jazzpop, fusion and acid-jazz, telling personal stories which sounds like a mixture of Sade meets Incognito, with flavors of Steely Dan, Becca Stevens and ambient atmospheres of Mathias Eick.

“Everything about The Crossing breathes melody, harmony and the desire for its own identity, within the feasible and practicable limits. (…) And that sounds extremely fascinating.” – Kees Smallegange, OOR (Dutch music magazine).

Aphranova is a Dutch five piece band, that started in 2015. In our music – written by Tony Hoyting and Angelique van Os, we tell stories about nature, traveling and society. Members are:  Angelique van Os (vocals/sax) Tony Hoyting (keys) and Arthur Buitelaar (bass) and Ancel Klooster (drums).

Our debut album, The Crossing (2020), elements such as identity, perspective and connection form a common thread. As a travel journalist, front woman Angelique van Os was inspired by the power of nature, the emptiness, vast landscapes and tranquility during various trips.

Songs like The Crossing, Almost There, Intuition, The Mirror of Life, guilty pleasure Never Alone and Your Story are also about the search for a human connection, staying close to oneself. With The Willing Mistress, they honor the strong-willed woman Aphra Behn (1640-1689), who was one of the first independent freethinking writers, playwrights and poets from British literature. On The Crossing Norwegian saxophonist and goat horn player Karl Seglem features on two songs. Also the Dutch Red Limo String Quartet (Kyteman, Eddy Vedder) feature on three pieces. 

In 2015 the group released a mini-album, called Late Bloomer (Challenge Records). These five tracks are written by Angelique, which she inspired by her journeys, personal experiences and her work as a jazz and travel journalist. Each song tells its own story, varying from loosing a dear friend, being a late bloomer, to adventurous experiences in the Ugandan Kidepo Valley.

The first single, Little Man, was released in November 2016, and was broadcasted on several national radio stations (Sublime FM, Radio 2 Soul & Jazz, Radio 1).

Aphranova performed on festivals and stages like: Eurooosonic, Jazz Festival Delft, Jazz in de Gracht, North Sea Jazz Club, Radio 6 (Jaap Brienen), Simplon, Bevrijdingsfestival Drenthe, VanSlag Borger, Theater de Nieuwe Kolk, Het Preuvenement and Drents Peil XL 2016. Aphranova has lots of energy and squeezes flavors of pop, soul, jazz together and is ready to show this live on stage!