Debutalbum Aphranova

Debuutalbum Aphranova Teaser 1

Teaser of Aphranova’s upcoming debut album in late 2019.

Footage of recording sessions in Dippel Studio, Schiedam.
Photo by Joke Schot.
Camera: Thomas Dippel.
Audio recorded in Dippel Studio, Schiedam by Thomas Dippel and Eaglewood Studios, Taarlo by Tony Hoyting. Mixed by Paul Pouwer at Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam. Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering. Video editing by Angelique van Os & Tony Hoyting.

Musicians: Angelique van Os – vocals; Tony Hoyting – piano, keyboards and percussion; Joost van der Beek – guitars; Arthur Buitelaar – bass guitar and double bass; Ancel Klooster – drums.