Aphranova performs at North Sea Jazz Club for 2nd time!

The place secur’d from humane Eyes,
No other fear allows,
But when the Winds that gently rise,
Doe Kiss the yielding Boughs.
Strofe van The Willing Mistress – Aphra Behn

For the second time this year we are performing at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam!

On Friday, the 9th of October we are giving a Late Night Live show after Gare du Nord !             Of course we are looking forward to this and we will perform some new song, like a interpretation of the The Willing Mistress, a poem by novellist and Play writer Aphra Behn (1640-1689). She was one of the first British professional female writers and novellist. Aphranova’s singer Angelique van Os says: “Our band title partly refers to this strong and independent woman, who made an important contribution to British literature  (Oroonoko’, 1688) with her provoking love stories and battle for equality between man and woman.”

Date: october 9th| venue: North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam| Fee: FREE | Time: 23.30 hrs.