about (eng)

We are do-ers, looking for adventure. Over boarders, far, far away, but also incredibly close. Surrounded by kitty company. A quite big cat visited our tent…Steely Dan observes from the wall during our rehearsals in the country side. Open mind. Left cords of a right-handed man. Pure sounds, cropped from private yard. Norway stole her heart, Katrina and Marrocco brought tears, but Aphra Behn brings strength. A bit strange perhaps? So what?! We are Ahranova!

Aphranova is a Dutch five piece band, that started in 2015. In our music – written by Tony Hoyting and Angelique van Os, we tell stories about nature, traveling and society. Members are:  Angelique van Os (vocals/sax)  Tony Hoyting (keys) and Arthur Buitelaar (bass) and Ancel Klooster (drums).

Aphranova is now working on their debut album, which they hope to realease at the end of 2019.

In 2015 the group released a mini-album, called Late Bloomer (Challenge Records). These five tracks are written by Angelique, which she inspired by her journeys, personal experiences and her work as a jazz and travel journalist. Each song tells its own story, varying from loosing a dear friend, being a late bloomer, to adventurous experiences in the Ugandan Kidepo Valley.

The talented Dutch Alexander van Popta produced the mini-album (Re:Freshed Orchestra, Ntjam Rosie, Sabrina Starke, Shirma Rouse). The Norwegian sax player Karl Seglem features in the songs New Orleans and African vibed Kidepo’s Eyes, and will work with the group this and next year on a special project, Call of the Wild.

The first single, Little Man, was released in November 2016, and was broadcasted on several national radio stations (Sublime FM, Radio 2 Soul & Jazz, Radio 1).

Aphranova performed on festivals and stages like: Eurooosonic, Jazz Festival Delft, Jazz in de Gracht, North Sea Jazz Club, Radio 6 (Jaap Brienen), Simplon, Bevrijdingsfestival Drenthe, VanSlag Borger, Theater de Nieuwe Kolk, Het Preuvenement and Drents Peil XL 2016. Aphranova has lots of energy and squeezes flavours of pop, soul, jazz together and is ready to show this live on stage!